Greetings from sunny Singapore!

This year's scientific programme will target the musculoskeletal challenges that the "Baby Boomer" generation presents to us. As an unique group who have shaped the political, economic and social evolution over the last few decades, they continue to remain physically and economically active, thus resulting in an increasingly sophisticated demand for musculoskeletal interventions.

A plethora of orthopedic innovations, minimally invasive surgeries, and novel procedures have rapidly evolved over the last 2 decades, making it possible to deal with conditions that would have little options or less ideal outcomes in the past. This meeting brings together international and regional experts to discuss state-of-the-art advances in the areas of arthroplasty, spine, shoulder/elbow surgery and soft tissue surgery and also non-surgical options.

Each section will explore recent updates on the current scientific understanding of the region, discuss the impact of such understanding on treatment strategies, and consolidate evidence-based outcomes that we have to date. A full section on evidence-based orthopedic practice will round up this exciting programme on the final day.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to join us once again in our exchange of ideas and knowledge. More importantly, this would also be another opportunity for continued fellowship and celebrations to strengthen the orthopedic fraternity.

Dr Kanwaljit Soin
President, SOA
Chairperson, Organising Committe
37th ASM

Dr Joyce Koh

Scientific Subcommiittee
37th ASM