Theme: “Musculoskeletal Challenges in the Baby Boomers – Repair, Reconstruct and Replace”

Time Ballroom A Ballroom B
0730 - 1700
0800 - 0945
Opening Ceremony
0800 Opening AddressKanwaljit Soin, President, SOA
0815 SOA Lecture – Asia’s Next Transition: People, Planet, Prosperity
Noeleen Heyzer , Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Special Adviser of the United Nations Secretary-General for Timor-Leste and former Executive Secretary of ESCAP
0900 N Balachandran Lecture – Commitment to Excellence: Orthopaedic Professionalism Turning Expectations of Quality into Reality
In Ho Choi (Korea)


1030 - 1200
Symposium 1 – Management of Common Spinal Conditions in Baby Boomers
Chairperson: Tan Seang Beng
1030 Controversies in the management of multi-level cervical myelopathy – Tateru Shiraishi (Japan)
1050 What is the optimal surgical managemet in a single level cervical prolapsed disc disease?
Jong-Beom Park (Korea)
1110 Surgical principle in the management of complex adult spinal deformity - Serena Hu (USA)
1130 Is there a good non-surgical option in the management of axial spinal pain?
Ted Dreisingner (USA)
1150 Questions & Answers
Symposium 2 – Shoulder (Tendinopathy)
1030 The role of non-operative treatment for rotator cuff and biceps tendinopathy – Kelvin Chew (Singapore)
1045 Platelet rich plasma for rotator cuff tears/tendinopathies: does it make a difference? - Nicola Maffulli (UK)
1100 The symptomatic biceps in the middle age patient: tenotomy vs tentodesis – Cui Guo-Qing (China)
1115 Repairing the large and retracted rotator cuff tear tips and tricks – Peter Yau (HK)
1130 Management of irrepairable cuff tears in the active individual - Peter Yau (HK)
1145 Questions and Answers
Lunch Symposium I
Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd
Lunch Symposium II
Eli Lilly (Singapore) Pte Ltd
1300 - 1400
Free Paper Session 1
Free Paper Session 2
1400 - 1500
Plenary Lecture 1 - Spine
Chairperson: Pesi Chacha

Advances in Spine Surgery – For Whose Benefit?
S Rajasekeran (India)
COFFEE BREAK / Poster Session
1530 - 1700
Symposium 3 – My Worst Spine Complication Experience in Baby Boomers and What I Have Learnt
Chairperson: Wong Hee Kit
1530 Posterior cervical spine surgery
Tateru Shiraishi (Japan)
1550 Anterior cervical spine surgery - Jong-Beom Park (Korea)
1610 Adult spinal deformity surgery – Serena Hu (USA)
1630 Lessons from an osteoporotic fracture
S Rajasekeran (India)
1650 Questions & Answers
Symposium 4 – Shoulder (Arthritis)
1530 Arthroscopic management of glenohumeral arthritis - Peter Yau (HK)
1545 Total shoulder arthroplasty: pearals, pitfalls and outcomes - John Sperling (USA)
1600 Reverse shoulder arthroplasty: pearls, pitfalls and outcomes - John Sperling (USA)
1615 Athroplasty options for the active individual with glenohumeral arthritis - Cui Guo-Qing
1630 The failed shoulder arthroplasty: evaluation and management - John Sperling (USA)
1645 Questions and Answers
1900 - 2200
President's Dinner (by invitation only)